Other measures that the developer may take as punishments

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Jagex has announced that it will send "messages to those who we've identified as being involved with the RWT" within "the coming hours". "For those who have been involved RuneScape Gold, we'd like to make it clear that this is the one und only caution," the company added.

Other measures that the developer may take as punishments for RWT activities are expected to include wealth removal , which is basically taking away gains made by players' accounts on the server level, as well as potential bans.

RuneScape's PvP component, dubbed"the Duel Arena, will also have stricter rules in place. Jagex claims that the feature "has been a catalyst for this kind of shady behavior", and that 38 percent of bans in RWT activities up to now originate from this aspect that the player plays. Jagex says this is equivalent up to "thousands of bans every month".

In the end, the developer appears to be taking the nucleus alternative, saying "we're considering in the future to eliminate this Duel Arena out of RuneScape completely." In the meantime the game will take "some temporary actions" to tidy up PvP "until our development teams are able to Old School RS Gold deliver an important update that completely will replace the Duel Arena next year."