Guide to embracing the naked dome!

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A brief guide to achieving that perfect bald look. Find out why you need a reliable and ergonomic electric head shaver to get a nice and clean head shave.

There are many reasons why men choose to shave their heads. This can either be a fashion and lifestyle choice, can be an experiment with the look, or simply to mask a naturally balding crown. That said, men with a fully shaved head tend to appear taller, tougher, and more authoritative. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to embrace the bald look!

Ask anyone who’s done it before and they will tell you that shaving the head completely isn’t easy. In fact, much of the area is hard to reach and the spherical shape of the head makes it difficult to work with. So, buy an electric head shaver, take your time, and be patient.

Getting started with shaving your head

Before you reach out for your head shaver, make sure you’re ready for it. Moreover, the hair should be a workable length, and anything longer than a few millimeters would clog the razor and make the task tougher. So, if your hair is any longer than this, you need clippers designed specifically for the head.

The best way to go about head-shaving is to buy a clipper and chop the hairs as short as 0.5mm - considered the ideal starting point for a clean shave. Once you’ve achieved this, get yourself a reliable electric head shaver that’s not just ergonomic but also comes with a rotating head thereby offering multi-directional hair cutting.

Finding the right head shaving tool

Finding the right head shaving tool is crucial to getting a clean shave. More so because you’d be using it fairly often. Though the tool you choose is a matter of personal preference, but one must proceed slowly and work methodically.

Are you planning to use clippers to achieve the desired bald look? Well, clippers are generally used for cropping hairs and not for shaving the hair off. So, if you are planning on cutting the hair short right down to the scalp, you can certainly go for these. However, if you need more than that, we’d advise you to lay your hands on reliable ergonomic hair shavers such as Groomie’s BaldiePro Electric Head Shaver.

Most head shavers feature zero overlap surgical blades that you wouldn’t find in regular clips. These cut close to the scalp without ever harming the skin.

What really sets the head shavers apart?

Head shavers are far more convenient and safe than normal razors. However, there are many who don’t consider shavers for a close shave, but that’s a missed opportunity. With some careful preparation and following the right grooming steps, a quality electric head shaver can achieve a quality shave.

Shaving a head isn’t easy and in fact, far more cumbersome than shaving your beard. The fact that you can’t always see what you’re doing and can’t reach behind your head properly, makes the process far more difficult than it sounds. This is how finding the right head shaver counts, as only the finest cover large surface areas and conform to the spherical shape of the head.

Hopefully, our brief but informative guide helped. Want to know more about quality head shaves and how to achieve them? Feel free to comment below. Also, let us know how you plan on achieving a bald look.