Planning to buy a refurbished smartphone? Keep in mind before buying a refurbished smartphone

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Refurbished smartphones have been talked of the town for a while now. However, the benefits that it brings along have been understood by the people now.

A few years ago people found it hard to differentiate between a mobile phone and a second mobile phone. Awareness comes with the phone, we can see a new change in customer behavior. Will people have been inclined toward the refurbished smartphone category than the second-hand smartphone category? An individual aims to buy a refurbished phone rather than a new smartphone. There are various benefits such as valid warranty status, accessories, and so on. But it is also important for you to know How to identify a genuine device.


Things to keep in mind before buying a refurbished phone

There are many things that one person must know while dealing with this phone. To be sure of the quality and the reliability of the source that they are buying, it is essential to know about some details.    Before selling your damaged phone, here are some things that might help you to buy a refurbished mobile phone.


 Grade of refurbished phones


If you have researched quite well about refurbished phones, you might know that refurbished phones are categorized into categories of grades A, B, and C. They go under various testing to identify the quality depending on the physical as well as the internal condition of the mobile phones. The tests are conducted to know about the condition of the mobile phone overall. Three grades as mentioned are a grade that has minor scratches and seems like a brand-new mobile phone. Phones that belong to  Grade B which is used for some time by the previous owner and might have a few more defects that are fixable. Finally, great see that might have a lot of faults in the mobile phone. However, all mobile phones no matter which grade are always re-checked and reconditioned before putting for sale.



Buy from a verified source

You do not have to worry about running to a mobile repairing store just because you are buying a refurbished smartphone.

This might be one of the most important points but you look forward to buying a refurbished phone. While mobile phones from attested source is always a good idea. A trusted seller will always provide you with reliable services and quality products. It will also add up with a valid warranty that is come along with the refurbished mobile phone. Websites such as Quick Mobile. or some of the verified websites that sell refurbished mobile phones. It is trusted by many customers all across the nation. If you find any problems with your mobile phone, you can also go up to the source if it is a genuine one.



Read the policies before buying

Whether it is about the refurbished mobile phone or any other product, you must make it mandatory to read the details of any policies that come along with the mobile phone. When you are buying this mobile phone from an online store or even an offline store, any of the stores will offer you some documentation. It is your job to make sure by reading and verifying all these documents that you are dealing with a genuine device. It will also help you to know about the date of the policy and its validity and other small details.


Other precautions

There are also some other points that you might want to know before buying a refurbished phone

  • Fraud or stolen mobile phones

There are many cases of fraudulent activities happening in the case dealing with mobile phones. You need to keep yourself away from this trouble. You must always ask for a soft copy of the invoice for the purchase of a mobile phone. The invoice must include the name of the buyer, and the date of purchase at the time of purchase. It also came along with the store name and other warranty-related details. If all this information is through and verified by you, it might be safe to buy this mobile phone. You can also check along for the original packaging or box that comes along with the mobile phone. Check for the original accessories value by the smartphone. Another way of checking it is the IMEI number of the reformist smartphone. Check and verify the IMEI number of the device, you can dial *#06#


  • Check for network lock

You must make sure that your information on my phone is functioning with your Sim card. Right, when you buy the mobile phone you will try to insert the Sim card that you have been using. You must do this as soon as possible to check if there are any network locks placed on your mobile phone. Though, there are chances that people also get around the lock but yet check it once will do no Hum. You must make sure that the mobile approach is accepting the networks from Indian mobile network operators.  

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