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Each of us is used to using a smartphone to search for information on the Internet, the share of visitors from mobile devices is growing every day and at the beginning of 2022 reached 72%, so creating a mobile version of the site is as relevant and demanded service as ever.

Adapting the site for mobile allows the company to reach a larger audience and increase income from sales of goods or services. Our company offers a comprehensive approach to the analysis of already created Internet projects, their optimization, and mobile adaptation.

In recent years, the application has become mega-popular. And, its developers simply could not skip the stage of releasing a mobile version. They used completely different methods for its development compared to desktop solutions. However, the overall functionality and comfort for users were preserved.

The design of the resource is concise and catchy. At the same time, it blends perfectly with the red logo. The endless ribbon is dotted with stop-frames. And this is a justified decision, as most visitors go to YouTube without any specific purpose.

In the header of the site is a banner that indicates whether the video belongs to a particular channel. Then there are the most important buttons for the user, including the ability to subscribe and return to the previous video. On the page itself there is not a little information, but the text block does not look overloaded. The interface retains the status of brevity. The trick is that the secondary text is written in pale gray, so the user does not get tired of a lot of text.

The video service can take a few special features:

The site has a lot of clips with bright covers, while the interface design itself is restrained and laconic. There is a minimum of text and a minimum of detail. If you need a site where there will be a lot of media materials, then choose this strategy, otherwise the bright design and abundant media content will merge into one single mess, not making the expected effect on users.
In any section, the search bar remains in place. And this is appropriate because the main content of the site - is video. This option is suitable if the mobile site offers a large number of products, but the target audience comes to it for something specific.

Any modern business simply cannot do without mobile traffic. Most of the users choose not to use bulky PCs and laptops, but smartphones, which are always on hand. And it is from them that most online purchases are made. So if you want to grow, it is worth immediately developing a mobile version of your resource.

To see how effective your mobile site will be, follow these rules

Remember that smartphone screen diagonals, although constantly growing, are still negligible compared to PCs. And that means that the screen should display only the most basic, clear, and understandable. Without unnecessary buttons, information blocks, unnecessary art solutions, and other things.
Fast access is a priority for expanding the audience. As a rule, users view information on their smartphones while on the road, standing in line, or during a lunch break. That means their attention span will be scattered. If the site offers complicated navigation and the user has to think where he should click, be sure that in 5 seconds he will leave your resource. For the little things just do not have time. So, highlight the most important for the audience and implement it.

The site should not irritate. This prerogative should be left for desktop versions. All the functionality should be reviewed several times, leaving only the most useful. The range of additional services or huge descriptions of products - is not the best choice for mobile versions. Everything should be compact and minimalistic.
A good mobile site - is a platform that attracts attention, relaxes, delivers only the most important data to the audience, does not irritate the eyes, and does not force a logical task. At the same time, all the buttons should be large enough so that users don't miss them with their fingers. In addition, important design, colors, and rational filling of the site content. All good things must be in moderation.