4 Reasons Why Owning a Car Is Beneficial (2022)

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As kids, ever since we knew what cars were we were in awe of them and wanted one of our very own.

any adults are leaving behind the congested cities to live in suburbs and rural areas, where life would be challenging without a car.

If you think you’re better off without a car, here are six reasons showing you that you are definitely not, and being careless just makes our lives harder on so many levels.


1. Cheaper

Owning a car is more economical for you than other modes of public commute, such as cabs, buses, trains and planes. When you tally up the price of public transport you use monthly, you’ll see that car ownership is cheaper in the long run.  


2. Convenience

Anytime you need to go somewhere, you can depend on your car. This advantage has no parallels, especially for those who do a lot of travelling or want to relocate but don’t know what to do with their car. Before, people would either think of selling their car before relocating or driving it by themselves to the destination. You can now ship your car to Hawaii, no matter what state you live in, which is really helpful since Hawaii is the only state outside of North America. The nearest states to Hawaii are Alaska and California, and both are over 2,000 miles away from Hawaii, which would make car shipping essential since driving would take a heavy toll on your car.  


3. Punctuality

If you’re tired of constantly being late to work or any other functions, then there’s no doubt you need a car. Buses and trains though on a schedule are usually late and not that dependable.  


4. Take what you want

Any time we travel, whether on buses, planes or trains, we’re always limited to carrying our belongings according to luggage weight or size. In a car, you get to carry what you want not just what you need.




Maybe owning more than one car is considered showy, but owning one car is indispensable. While bike riding and walking are great and cheap modes of commute, not to mention ways to exercise, you certainly can’t get everywhere you need to by biking or on foot. There’s no way around it that owning a car is always a smart move.