The Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools to Use in 2022

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For businesses that want to grow online, keyword research is vital as it can reveal important information regarding the terms people are searching for along with their competitiveness. An SEO company can help guide your content marketing plan to increase organic search, rankings, visibility, and traffic. Likewise, SEO services San Francisco can help you with relevant keyword research and pave the way for your success with search engine rankings.

However, if you are adamant to carry out the aforementioned undertakings by yourself, then there are several tools out there that can assist you in accomplishing everything related to keyword research. Here are some fine picks that are tried and tested as well as offer terrific results and outcomes:


As a software company that develops online SEO tools and free educational materials for marketing professionals, Ahrefs offers a tremendous range of free SEO tools. This includes the likes of keyword generator, keyword rank checker, and keyword difficulty checker.

  • Keyword Generator – enables you to find thousands of keyword ideas in seconds from their database of over 8 billion queries. Every keyword comes with complete local and global monthly search volume estimates along with other advanced SEO metrics powered by clickstream data.
  • Keyword Rank Checker – allows you to observe where you rank for any keyword in 243 countries. This tool can help SEO professional how well their sites rank for their target keywords as well as keep track of their competitor’s rankings. Great for keyword rankings for any website or web page.
  • Keyword Difficulty Checker – lets you see how hard can it get to be in the top 10 search results for any keyword. Specifically designed for organic search results, this tool can help you understand how difficult it would be to rank for a particular search query. Referring to domains data is also included.


Founded in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig, Moz offers SEO software for smarter marketing backed by the largest community of SEOs on the planet. Their Moz Pro starts with a free 30-day trial period. Track your rankings and measure your SEO impact not only for your site but also get insights regarding the competition.

Moz Pro is a nice tool to find out more about the overall visibility on the SERP over time as well as learn what is working and what is not. Hence you are able to base your decisions on trustworthy data based on industry lead SEO metrics along with the highest-quality comprehensive snapshot of your keyword rankings over the week, month, or a specific range of time.


Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, SEMrush is a SaaS (software as a service) platform and a search engine marketing company. Their tools are often used for keyword research and online ranking data including metrics such as cost per click and search volume. The software also collects information about online keywords gathered from Bing and Google search engines.

Their Keyword Magic Tool helps you find millions of keyword suggestions for your SEO by simply entering a topic to get a list of the best keywords for you. The tool allows you to generate keywords within your niche including long-tail keywords across specific subgroups enabling you to target both wider organic and paid audiences. 


A dedicatedly designed SEO rank tracking tool that is free to try and you can get started in 30 seconds. They offer you a free 10-day trial. With the tool, you can see how your website truly performs in SERP (search engine result page) with the goal to know the organic traffic potential of your website based on the current keyword positions and their search volumes.

This tool is ideal for beginners who don’t want to dive deep into the nitty-gritty complexities and looking for an affordable solution that provides data in an understandable form. You can also check the rankings of your website day by day in the SERP previews. They also offer you a heads up about all the important rank changes through email alerts sent directly to you.


Website optimization and digital agency sales tool, WooRank offers a complete marketing tool for your website. Along with their marketing tools are their keyword tracking, analysis, and research tool. It enables you to identify, monitor, and track the progress of your rankings against your competition and react to changes. Use current keyword data to fuel a more focused marketing strategy.

If you are new to SEO, the tool can help you monitor your competition to stay ahead as well as identify keywords such as discovering opportunities related to your industry and market niche. Moreover, you can also use the tool to localize your efforts even at city levels and shape your strategy by prioritizing target keywords based on the potential value that they can offer.

Final Word

These days search engines are the primary source for all online traffic and Google maintains nearly 90% share of that market. Hence it makes all the sense why businesses and establishments these days are focused on ranking higher on search engines as this translates to higher CTRs (click-through-ratios), lead generation, and conversions. I hope this post was able to offer you the insights needed to make an informed decision in the future. All the best for your future endeavours!