How to Compare the Price of Egg Tray Making Machine?

There is virtually no egg tray machine manufacturer in China that would like to share the cost of the machines online. Then how can you compare the price of egg tray machines?


Different manufacturers state that their machines(precio de la maquina BESTON) work most effectively in the commercial and so they would last a long time. But it's not wise to buy any machine that boasts about its features. You need to compare the options of your machines first and then the price to choose what one you should purchase. Here are the factors you need to remember while comparing the price of egg tray making machines.

1. Value of equipment

An egg tray making machine includes multiple items that enhance the expense of the device. Aside from the egg tray mold, it comes with a refiner, a pump, pulper, packing machine, drying racks, and hot press machine. Some machines use a different section for drying and packing the trays. It's safer to have got all the pieces together in a single unit. This may set you back a little more however, you wouldn't also have to request another space to help keep the drying and packing machine.

2. Price of construction

Along with the egg tray making machine, furthermore you will demand a waste water pool, build pulp pools, and drying room. And thus, it's wise to buy a built-in pulping system(maples para huevos) that accompany metallic drying room. This gives the equipment to not only give contour around the egg trays but in addition dries them before sending them out. Naturally, an egg tray making machine with the integrated pulping system would cost over a model that only makes the egg trays but doesn't dry them.

You ought to monitor the nature of egg tray construction while getting the machine. Does it talk about dried egg trays? Or even, you should question the manufacturer regarding the drying process. Don't get a machine that requires manual drying of your trays. It increases the number of rejections.

3. Cost of raw materials

Where would you source waste paper for your egg tray making machine? Though it doesn't come underneath the direct cost of the machine, you would need to look at this factor mainly because it helps to determine the expense of operations. Before choosing the egg tray making machine, you have to look for a reliable source that sells waste paper at low prices. This will bring the overall cost of production of egg trays down.

Suppose your competitor charges $2 for each and every egg tray(bandejas de cartón para huevo perú) utilizing the same machine that you apply within your factory. However, you have the ability to provide you with the same quality tray at $1.50. People would come your way. This difference in price may occur due to cost and accessibility of raw materials. If you stock huge quantities of raw materials initially, you may not need to dedicate to them for months. That should enable you to sell your trays at a lower price, thus attracting more customers.

It's always a good idea to compare the rates of no less than five or six brands before buying an egg tray making machine. Keep these factors in your mind while comparing their prices to help you buy the best machine at the lowest price.

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