The seven best Dungeons & Dragons 5e backgrounds to help you roleplay your character

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There are so many backgrounds available in dungeon and dragons but we bring seven useful dnd backgrounds for you. When you play dungeon and dragons game the you must have to choose one.

While these are some great options for dnd backgrounds, there are many more options available depending on what type of character you want to play. Be sure explore all the possibilities and choose the background that best fits your character concept! The 7 Best DnD 5e Backgrounds to Make Your Character Stand Out.

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Here are the 7 best DnD 5e backgrounds to help you roleplay your character:


As an acolyte, you have spent your life in service to a temple or church. You might have been raised by clergy, or perhaps you joined the order later in life. Whether you were force-fed doctrine or left to discern it for yourselves, those years spent in worship and study have given you a deep understanding of your deity’s teachings. You might be a healer, a protector,or a bringer of justice. (From the Players Handbook)


You have always had a way with people—the kind of charm that can get others to do what you want them to do. You know what makes them tick, and you use it to your advantage. Maybe you’re a gifted con artist or grifter. Maybe you’ve always had money but never learned where it came from. Whatever the case, you’ve survived by your wits, and now you want to put those skills to use in more profitable endeavors. (From the Players Handbook)


You're an experienced criminal with a history of breaking the law. You might have been born into crime, or maybe circumstance forced you into it. Whatever the case, you know how to get what you want through force or fraud. You might be an assassin, a thief, or just someone who knows how to get things that others don’t want them to have. (From the Players Handbook)

Folk Hero

You come from a humble social station, but that hasn’t stopped you from achieving great things. Your drive to protect those who cannot protect themselves has drawn attention—and not always welcome attention—from powerful people who would see YOU stopped before YOU can make any more progress.(From the Players Handbook)


In survival games like this one comes out on top no matter what odds they're facing but they all have one thing in common they all fought in an arena at some point in their lives whether it was as part of §§ making entertainment for others or as part of their culture.(From reddit user u/Gavin1901)

Guild Artisan

As a guild artisan,you belong to an guild of craftsmen or merchants who control access to their trade within a certain city or region.(From the Players Handbook)
-You might be a brewer belonging to the Brewers Guild.


Sages come in many forms, but all share a thirst for knowledge and understanding.(From the Players Handbook)