Shankhpushpi for epilepsy

Staphysagria is a homeopathic cure produced using the stavesacre plant.

Shankhpushpi for epilepsy :- Convolvulus pluricaulis is the herbal name given to shankhpushpi. It is a plant that lives for quite a while. This plant is known for its astonishing therapeutic advantage. This restorative spice is otherwise called morning-wonder, speed wheel, or Aloe weed in English. Intrusting names right? 


The plant's leaves are pointed stone molded and its blossoms are bulb-formed in either blue tone or white tone. Appears to be an intriguing plant! Shankhpushpi is exceptionally viable in treating issues like epilepsy, wrinkles, skin break out, hair fall, and some more. It is utilized for its tremendous assortment of restorative properties from root to tip. 


This spice is utilized in different Ayurvedic drugs and has been given Sanskrit names Shyamakranta, Visnukranta, Vaishnava, Sankhaholi, Vishnugandhi, Vishnukranti, Shankavall, Vishnukrantha, Krishnaenkranti, Nilashankhapushpi, Ksheerpushpi, Laghuvishnukranta, and Erravishnukaraantha. 


This supernatural spice's properties incorporate Medhya (Boosts memory), Vamana (retching), Deepana (upgrades stomach discharge), Pachana (helps assimilation), Rochana (animates hunger), Kusthahara (treats skin sickness), Shothahara (decreases irritation), Hridaya (treats heart issues), and Jantujit (alleviates worm invasion). These properties help in relieving the issues that are looked by individuals. 


It has a severe taste and is slick, disgusting. This spice has a cooling activity because of which an individual becomes glad. This herby has an extremely impressive smell actually like the smell of garlic.


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