Top 10 Travel Destinations in the Philippines

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The Philippines is among the top nations in Asia which is the perfect location for an unforgettable and relaxed vacation. Along with the country's warm climate and a variety of entertainment options for visitors of all age groups

The Philippines is among the top nations in Asia which is the perfect location for an unforgettable and relaxed vacation. Along with the country's warm climate and a variety of entertainment options for visitors of all age groups, you can anticipate plenty of enjoyment from your journey to the Philippines. Apart from the beautiful sights and delicious local cuisine The hospitality and friendly nature of the locals will enrich your overall experience on your journey. These are only two great destinations to be thinking about traveling to from the Philippines.

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  1. Bicol


Bicol offers many recreation options for both tourists alike. Some of these activities include caving, whale-watching in Butanding Scuba diving as well as sightseeing and hiking. There are numerous attractions that are sure to give you the experience of an entire lifetime. You could find Mount Mayon, which is Mount Mayon, that is well-known throughout the world due to its stunning conical shape. In addition, there are stunning beaches to visit, such as those of Puraran Beach and Catanduanes beaches. The adventurous will have the time of their lives experiencing stunning caves and clean lakes, as well as the well-known Tumaguiti Falls. For the local food that are available in Bicol You'll definitely be amazed by the tasty and hot flavor of well-known cuisines like Bicol Express as well as Pinangat.

  1. Bohol

Bohol is renowned for its gorgeous beaches and resorts made of man. It's also possible to engage in a variety of water sports thanks to Bohol's amazing diving spots. In fact, Bohol is listed among the top destinations in the world to dive. The most well-known places located in Bohol comprise Doljo Beach, Alona Beach, Bolod Beach, Hinagdanan Cave, Chocolate Hills, and Bohol's Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. In Bohol, you can also find the man-made forest in Bilar. A typical day in Bohol is filled with relaxing and fun activities like cable rides, kayaking, ziplining, rappelling as well as hiking, scuba dive as well as the dolphins, caving sky leaping and snorkeling.

  1. Palawan

In 2007 The National Geographic Traveler magazine rated Palawan as the most beautiful island destination located in Southeast as well as East Asia regions. Furthermore, Palawan is ranked as the 13th best island in the world. So, you can count on yourself to be awestruck by the stunning natural scenery and seascapes across Palawan's island. Palawan. When you visit this amazing paradise, make sure to check that you visit the most important places including Palawan's Palawan Center of Wildlife Rescue and Conservation, Tabon Caves, Coron, Subterranean National Park, Honda Bay, Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Tubbataha Reef, along with amazing beaches. If you're seeking out caving, island hopping, snorkeling, or swimming it is possible to find things you'd like to do in Palawan. Palawan's cuisine is a delight, with seafood as well as chicken inasal, live mangrove worms.

  1. Banaue

Banaue is known for its famous rice terraces, which has been designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. There are numerous sites to explore when you visit Banaue which include those of the Matanglag Bronze Smiths, Poitan Village, Guihod Natural Pool, and many other nature tourist attractions. If you're looking to go trekking and mountaineering as well being able to discover a brand fascinating and new culture, then Banaue needs to be included in your itinerary on your trip across the Philippines.

  1. Tagaytay


If you travel to the southern region of Luzon You will come across Tagaytay which is famous for its mild weather and stunning natural scenes. In actuality, the city of Tagaytay is known as the second summer capital of the Philippines (besides Baguio). There are many beautiful landscapes in Tagaytay which will surely ease your body and mind of stress. When you are in the city, you can go to The Tagaytay Highlands (open to members and family members of members just), Picnic Grove Park, People's Park in the Sky, Residence Inn Mini-Zoo and the Filipino-Japanese Friendship Gardens and Calaruega Church. Calaruega Church. Tagaytay is the perfect area where you can play golf. take a ride on cable cars, relax at an excursion, or take pleasure in the horseback riding.

  1. Camiguin

Camiguin can be described as the Philippines largest state. While the province is small, this stunning paradise has many beautiful sights should not be missed. It is also known for its seven domes of volcanic rock and seven volcanoes. That is why people describe the island as"Born by Fire". The island is formed of volcanic eruptions and is also recognized as one of the top 10 dive spots known to the world in the world. The most popular spots on the island are Tangub Hot Spring, Katibawasan Falls, Tanguines Lagoon, White Island, Macao Hot Spring, Tuawan Falls, Old Vulcan and Mantigue Island. Camiguin is the perfect spot to go snorkelling, hiking as well as scuba diving. nature excursions.

  1. Subic


Subic was once the bases of the military of the Americans It is now renowned for its beach and water sports like sailing and yachting. Since the Americans have left Subic the city has transformed into a business Freeport. It is also possible to choose from many enjoyable activities throughout the summer months because of the fresh air and breathtaking nature scenes. Some of the best places to look into in Subic include those of the Mangrove Graveyard, Bat Kingdom, El Kabayo Equestrian Center, Zoobic Zafari, Waterfront Boardwalk and the Subic Treetop Adventuregame. You can also choose from numerous fun activities like the jungle survival course, canoeing cars racing jet ski, canopy rides golfing, parasailing and kayaking.



Presently, Baguio is considered as the nation's cleanest and most green city, and serves as the ideal mountain getaway for foreigners and locals alike. There are plenty of things to do and attractions to explore in Baguio including The Burnham Park, Ifugao Woodcarvers Village, Mummies of Kabayan, Botanical Garden, Mines View Park, Camp John Hay, Baguio Cathedral, and the Mansion. Baguio is the best place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables such as peanut brittle, red or strawberry yam.


  1. Davao

Explore the south of the Philippine archipelago and you'll come across one of the most beautiful places in the country. Davao City is Mindanao's biggest island, and the home of the highest mountain in the nation, Mount Apo. The best time to visit Davao for an unforgettable mountaineering adventure is in the peak of summer, which falls between March to May. In addition to trekking, Davao is ideal for a variety of water sports, including diving, river rafting boat sailing, scuba diving and snorkelling. It is also possible to spend your time in the most famous locations such as Paradise Island, Pearl Farm Island Resort, Philippine Eagle Center along with Crocodile Park.

  1. Boracay


Boracay is among the most beautiful beaches on the world, and is the ideal spot for exciting water sports and beach activities. The most popular spots include Bulabog Beach Tibiao Whitewater River, Bat Caves, White Sand Beach, Dead Forest, and Yapak. Take advantage of your summer break and then end it in the middle of this beautiful paradise. It provides a variety of activities, whether you're into windsurfing, sailing, yachting kiteboarding or caving.

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