Learn what makes QuickBooks Balance sheet out of balance

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One of the issues is QuickBooks balance sheet out of balance. This occurs mainly due to the mismatches in the data of the balance sheets.

QuickBooks has been managing all the financial tasks for its users for quite a while now. It works as a bookkeeping software for many different categories of users, including business people, freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses, etc. It has helped them increase their productivity and increase their business revenues; for sure, even after being stacked with features, internal errors in this software are also possible. One of the issues is QuickBooks balance sheet out of balance. This occurs mainly due to the mismatches in the data of the balance sheets. If you came across this error, continue reading the blog for easy methods to fix it.

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About This issue

The balance sheet of any organization is the financial record of the assets, liabilities, and capital owned at any given time. It should be well managed as it specifies the income and expenditure over a given period. In QuickBooks, if there is a case where the assets in the balance sheet don’t match the liabilities, this discrepancy can cause the balance sheet balance issue in QuickBooks.


The most probable reasons for this error in your QuickBooks are-

  • The company file you are trying to access is corrupted and now unsupported.
  • The transactions registered in QuickBooks have some issues that caused the whole problem in the tally of the balance sheet.
  • The record of sales in cash and the sales on credit mismatches the total sales.

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Some of the valuable solutions are provided below-

Solution 1- Process the report on an accrual basis in QuickBooks

Accrual basis means counting the sale, whether it happened in cash or credit. Refer to the steps below to run the report-

  1. Open QuickBooks, click on the Reports menu, and select Company financial.
  2. Click on the Balance sheet summary and then Customize the report.
  3. Under the Display tab, select Accrual from the options of Report Basis.
  4. Click on

If your balance sheet shows some issues on an accrual basis, then follow the steps below to rebuild the file-

  1. Open QuickBooks, click Utilities, and select Rebuild data.
  2. Select Ok in the QuickBooks Information window and save a backup by following the instructions.
  3. Let the process finish, and this will be your repaired file.

Try the next solution if you see any issues.

Solution 2- Find the exact transactions that are causing this issue

We have broken down this method into easy steps-

Step 1- Find the exact day your balance sheet went out of balance.

  1. Click on Reports, select company financials, and then Balance sheet summary.
  2. Click on Customize report.
  3. Under the Display tab, click on the drop-down error alongside Dates and select
  4. Go to the Report Basis section, and select Accrual, if your balance sheet is out of balance on an accrual basis only, otherwise choose
  5. Go to the Columns section, click on the Display columns by drop-down arrow, and select Click on Ok.
  6. Tally your balance sheet for every year and find the year with discrepancies.

Once you find the year, refer to the steps below to obtain a specific date-

  1. Now, Select Months in the Display column by a drop-down arrow.
  2. Again, tally your balance sheet and find the month.
  3. Now, repeat the steps and select Days in the Display column by

Find the exact date when your transactions had discrepancies and move to step 2.

Step 2- Find the actual transactions that are causing this issue

  1. Go to the Reports option, click on Custom Report, and select Transaction Detail.
  2. On the Modify Report window, enter the day your balance sheet went out of balance in the From and To
  3. On the Report Basis Section, Select Accrual if your balance sheet suffered on an accrual basis, or else
  4. Go to the columns section, and uncheck Account, Split, Clr, and
  5. Select the Amount option, then the Paid Amount Column, and click
  6. The total ending balance amount in the Paid Amount should equal the out of balance amount.
  7. Search for the transactions that match this amount.

Step 3- Change the dates of the transaction.

  1. After you find the transactions responsible for this issue, change their dates to more than ten years ahead and save each transaction.
  2. If the transactions are correct, the Paid Amount column should now be zero.
  3. Change the dates of the transactions into the original ones.

These methods will help you fix this issue.

We have arrived at the end of our blog; we discussed why is your QuickBooks balance sheet out of balance. You are now familiar with the reasons for this issue and the effective methods to solve this issue.

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