Top iOS Application Developers in Canada

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Appstudio is an iOS app developer company in Canada. We combine advanced development skills with cutting-edge technologies to meet the demands of our international clients.

Appstudio was founded in 2013 by experts from the field of information technology, who had already gained a considerable reputation by developing applications for various business sectors. The enterprise has developed a high-quality system for iOS mobile app programming and is constantly expanding its range of capabilities thanks to in-depth knowledge of the newest developments in this sphere.

At AppStudio, witness the most ground-breaking iOS digital products that impart a memorable experience to your end users. We are a top-tier iOS developer company assiduous in delivering stellar iOS solutions to diverse verticals.


Mobile Application Development is an ever-evolving field which requires you to be at the fore-front of one or many technologies. The objective behind it is simple; provide a cheaper and better alternative to your competitor through faster technology uptake, less development cost and superior user experience.

There are numerous reasons why we should be focusing more on Mobile Application Development. Some of them are:

There has been a steady exponential growth in the sale of smart phones and tablets. More than 5 billion people have access to the internet. Many of them are doing it on their mobile devices. This would lead to an inclination towards using applications on smart phone or tablets than the PCs. It is not that desktop application hold no importance, but the development of mobile application definitely is significant for businesses today.