Installing Medical Oxygen Regulator need special precautions

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Medical Oxygen Regulator is a device linked to a high-pressure Medical Gas Cylinder to

Medical Oxygen Regulator is a device linked to a high-pressure Medical Gas Cylinder to

reduce the outlet pressure and provide consistent low pressure for usage in hospitals or at home. To accommodate the Oxygen Cylinder, it has a bullnose and nut. This form of Medical Oxygen Flow Control Regulator is ideal for emergency cylinders since it takes up significantly less space than any other Medical Oxygen Flow Control Regulator.

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Precautions to take before installing Medical Oxygen Regulator:

  • The valve should tap to blow out dirt before installing the medical oxygen pressure regulator to prevent dust particles and moisture from seeping into the medical oxygen pressure regulator. The cylinder valve outlet should not be oriented at the operator or bystanders when opening the gas cylinder valve to prevent the high-pressure gas from bursting out and hurting others.
  • The connection between the medical oxygen pressure, the regulator's gas outlet, and the gas rubber pipe should be tight with a fireproof iron wire or clamp to avoid detaching after venting.

Victor Oxygen Regulator:

Victor Oxygen Regulator provides several safety features and design features.

The housing cap of this Victor Oxygen Regulator makes with a high-strength Zinc-Aluminum alloy. The body is forged brass, and the seating mechanism is stem-style. The diaphragm can sustain fluctuating pressures even under the most extreme working conditions. The relief valve on the outside is self-reseating—the bronze filter sincere (heated and formed into a single, solid mass). Victor engineers built the regulator to provide exceptional ergonomic benefits, such as more natural and safer gas delivery pressure adjustment. The gauges on this Victor Heavy Duty "Edge" Oxygen Regulator include high-contrast graphics that are easy to read. It is the world's most miniature, lightest, compact, heavy-duty regulator.


Medical Gas Flowmeter:


Medical Gas Flowmeter is primarily helpful to control oxygen gas flow and humidification. Its accuracy and reliability will directly impact the patient's safety. It can correctly detect the instantaneous flow of oxygen, but it can also keep healthcare staff informed about the state of a patient's oxygen absorption. Oxygen flowmeters are now widely employed in all levels of medical institutions, including township hospitals.

Medical Gas Installation is a very critical activity. It should be under the supervision of an expert.

What is the best approach to utilizing a medical gas flowmeter?


  1. Bottle with distilled water until the water level is within the standard line. Instead, prohibit the use of saline.
  2. If the water level in the bottle of the medical gas flowmeter falls below the water level line during the gas supply process, the flow control switch should be closed quickly and the humidifier bottle unscrewed. According to the first item, add distilled water.
  3. When the nut of the flow meter keeps in the gas outlet fitting of the medical gas cylinder valve, the pressure gauge and flowmeter should be vertical.