Where to celebrate a child's birthday

When deciding on the venue for a children's party, adults are considering different options in search of the best one. Among the places where you can have fun and usefully celebrating a child's birthday is the VikiLand family club.



In the list of places where it is comfortable to celebrate a child's birthday, parents call:

  • house;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • children's institution;
  • children's entertainment complex.



Home is the most common place where you can celebrate your child's birthdays. And many tasks fall on the shoulders of parents: from preparing or ordering treats, decorating the interior to preparing scenarios and equipment for games.

For a home birth, you may need:

  • animators;
  • decor and games;
  • delivery of goodies;
  • space for entertainment.

Arranging a holiday at home for a large company of children of different ages is a high level of complexity of the task.

Non-childish party scale

Saving time and effort on preparing the table and cleaning up after children's fun, parents choose a cafe or restaurant as a venue. Not all establishments have children's halls and menus, therefore, the search for decorators, the selection of dishes and their design, the order of animators, and a special children's show program are added to the festive chores. If you are looking for an unusual idea of ​​where to celebrate a child's birthday, check out how the name day is held at VikiLand.

Children's themed parties

We organize children's birthday parties on different topics

Restaurants for small adults

Such establishments have several halls decorated in different styles. The menu is tailored to the tastes of children, and the entertainment space includes playgrounds and equipment for different ages. It will be easier to hold a birthday party for a 5-year-old child in a children's restaurant than at home. The child does not know even how many days old am i, so you have to decide the best place for him. 

VikiCake (link to the cafe) is more than just a restaurant for children, it is a children's country. Here children can not only eat, dance and play a lot but also get new skills, master interesting activities and find their favorite hobbies. The family club provides all the necessary props for themed costume parties; talented animators and qualified teachers who know how to arouse the interest and admiration of children work here.

Children's entertainment complex

Places, where you can celebrate a child's birthday in Moscow, are children's playgrounds and entertainment complexes. They have:

  • several restaurants;
  • playgrounds for every taste;
  • children's cinemas;
  • skating rinks and rollerdromes;
  • other entertainment.

To the delight of parents, neither a baby nor a child of 8 years old will be bored there. For birthday people and younger guests, there are separate play areas, decorated with the favorite characters of the younger children. Children from 7 years old and older are interested in other fun and heroes, so there are zones for those of a more "solid" age.


We run many fun activities for children and adults!

In the VikiLand family club, special attention is paid to each birthday person; when decorating a children's party, decor, costumes, accessories, and even treats with the child's favorite characters will be used.

Celebrate children's birthday at VikiLand

VikiLand is an institution where you can celebrate the birthday of a child, regardless of gender and age, at any time of the year. Specially equipped space is available both inside the complex and in the fresh air.

A professional team of cooks, animators, and teachers will help parents take a break from education and cuisine. Children will be able to actively have fun, attend educational masterclasses, and have fun with friends.

The manager will take care of organizing the children's birthday, an individual scenario is developed for each holiday, in accordance with the wishes of the parents and the interests of the child. After the approval of the theme, program, and menu, parents can choose a gift for their child, entrusting the rest of the preparation to the VikiLand team.

Entertainment programs - a sea of ​​positive

VikiLand takes an integrated approach and organizes holidays on a turnkey basis.

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At the service of clients:

  • banquet hall for 125 seats;
  • many exciting themed scenarios with decor and accessories;
  • the opportunity to create a personalized and exclusive party;
  • masterclasses, training programs, and animators;
  • entertainment;
  • animal participation;
  • photo sessions for guests of the holiday;
  • reportage photo and video filming of events.

Entertainment programs based on original scenarios

When choosing a place where it will be pleasant to celebrate a child's birthday, a lot depends on the scenario. Children of all ages will appreciate our thematic programs:

If you are thinking of where to celebrate your child's birthday, check out the gallery with photos and video reports of events held at the VikiLand club. And come for happy memories!


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