A quest for The Lost Ark in a breathtaking and constantly expanding

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Lost Ark is now available for PC via Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG. (Graphic Wire) Wire) Within Lost Ark, players will get to experience an exclusive blend of Lost Ark Gold action that is high-octane as well as an immersive MMORPG gameplay, such as:

There are 15 distinct hero classes available at launch , each with unique possibilities for customization and a variety of combinable and adaptable capabilities.

A quest for The Lost Ark in a breathtaking and constantly expanding universe of many environments and massive battles. The players can travel around the globe and explore and build their own islands.

A wealth of end-game content such as dungeons and raids, suitable to players at all levels, and a slew of PvP options like ranked as well as unranked modes, as well as incredible gear to gather along the journey.

Amazon Games collaborated with Smilegate RPG to localize and translate The vast universe in Lost Ark, which boasts millions of players active in Korea, Russia, and Japan. Since the game's debut to the West, Amazon Games brings the award-winning RPG to North America, Europe*, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand for the first time Buy Lost Ark Gold. It will also include spoken and written dialogue available that is available in English, French, German, and Spanish.