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In the concept of the network society, the chief form of power is control or influence over communication. This is because connectivity and access connections to networks are essential to the power of some social groups to impose their values and goals on society-at-large and of others to resist their domination. Networking helps to understand the effects of access connections, being able to control who has access to your connections helps prevent unwanted persons in your network. Access connections that are mishandled can cause a lot of damage to a company, business or network.


Network engineers balance the importance of security against the growing demand for faster, more efficient, flexible connectivity and computing. A good knowledge of networking helps prevent unnecessary security bridge in networks, the knowledge of the type of hackers that exist and how to protect a network helps mitigate loop holes that types of hackers use to initiate different types of hacking. Different type of hackers exists:


  1. a) White Hat hackers

This type of hacker is also known as Ethical Hackers, they are often employed or contracted by companies and government entities, working as security specialists looking for vulnerabilities.


  1. b) Black Hat Hackers

This type of Hackers is normally responsible for creating malware, which is frequently used to infiltrate computerised networks and systems. 


  1. c) Gray Hat Hackers

This type of Hackers utilizes aspects from black and white hat hackers, but will usually seek out vulnerabilities in a system without an owner permission or knowledge.

Just to name a few.

Also, Network tools help you identify servers and devices that are not working properly, causing potential security holes to be opened. If you do identify something not working properly, these tools give you the proof needed to upgrade your equipment, thereby keeping your network safe from intruders. Network tools help indicate when there is a fault in the network and also helps in troubleshooting your network.


Network tools help improve your businesses through technology performance, reducing overall costs and enabling focus on your internal IT resources so you can focus on business growth initiatives. Network tools make networking easy at some points.


As a network engineer, the knowledge of Switch Virtual interfaces is an added advantage. Switch Virtual Interface (SVI) represents a logical interface between the bridging function and the routing function of a VLAN in the device. A switch virtual interfaces (SVI) or VLAN interface, is a virtual routed interface that connects a VLAN on the device to the Layer 3 router engine on the same device. SVI cannot be fully understood without the knowledge of VLANS.


As a network engineer the Knowledge File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and how it works and the different FTP ports is very necessary, without a knowledge of the the different FTP ports and how each of them operates is a big issue. FTP is an unusual service in that it utilizes two FTP ports, a 'data' port and a 'command' port (also known as the control port). Traditionally these are FTP port 21 for the command port and FTP port 20 for the data port. These FTP ports work for sending and recieving data.