5 Ways to Do Stainless Steel Counter Tops in Your Kitchen

Learn how to use stainless countertops with your ideal kitchen design ideas in a few steps. Here’s how.

Stainless steel countertops can take a lot of abuse, from changing heat conditions to staining and constant moisture. They are easy to clean and exude a modern aura in a kitchen design. These are two reasons they make it into commercial or ultra-chic kitchen layouts.

High-quality stainless steel countertops are also easy to keep hygienic. The finish also reflects light in a room, making work areas bright to work on and inviting.

If you are looking for ways to revamp your kitchen, you can play around with stainless steel worktops to achieve your dream look and purpose.

Here are five ways how.

1.   Use One-Piece Custom-made Stainless Steel Countertops

Custom-made surfaces help you get what works for you. Perhaps you dread issues such as edges between the sink and the counter, air leaks, or a backsplash that won’t align properly?

You may want to work with a designer to have a tailor-made stainless countertop that incorporates a drain sink and backsplash. Besides, this option gives you a solid, consistent look.

The one-piece countertop is suitable if you are building a new kitchen or completely changing the current layout.

The metal is a joy to work with, and you can make it a DIY project or get someone to install it for you.

1.   Use Semi-Custom Counter Tops

Stainless steel is a work of art — you can throw in bits and pieces to get a dream kitchen. This is an ideal option if you want to remodel the kitchen, cut designer costs, or simply get creative.

2.   Mixing Stainless Steel with other Materials

Some homeowners love stainless steel countertops but fear that their homes will look industrial. Well, you can tone down the stainless steel effect with other materials such as granite, quartz, or wood.

Combining materials helps you reap the benefits of other surfaces while creating a stunning kitchen.

For example, you can add a granite surface for chopping vegetables because the stainless steel worktop won't scratch easily. Still, granite comes in different colors and patterns to add warmth and personality to your kitchen.

3.   Play around with Edge Finishes

The countertop edge offers a complete look to your kitchen while making your workflow easy. You can either choose one or a combination of the following edge profiles.

  • Square edge. This is the most common profile, loved for the flat work surface along the edges.
  • Bullnose edge. Here you get a rounded countertop that is great for busy kitchens where bumps and bruises are common.
  • Marine non-drip edge. This worktop prevents liquid from flowing to the edges. Instead, fluids collect on the countertop surface for wiping.

More interestingly, you can customize any of these profiles to suit your kitchen.

4.   Control the Amount of Light Reflected

Stainless steel is naturally reflective. That means that you can make your room brighter and appear more prominent.

Yet, not all homeowners prefer this shiny effect.

Luckily, you can achieve your desired reflection from the various finishes. Usually, stainless steel is classified into types — from number 0 to 8. The shininess decreases as the number increases. 


Stainless steel countertops are virtually indestructible and are ideal for both industrial and home use.

Stainless countertops are also versatile, hygienic, easy to clean and maintain and give room for creative kitchen design ideas.

Whether you have a design in mind or need some guidance, feel free to talk to a professional stainless steel countertop company near you. You'll get expert recommendations that match your exact needs.

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