How To Learn More About Law Society of NSW

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In this blog, we are going to talk about How To Learn More About Law Society of NSW. So, if you are a lawyer and want to know more about it. Then, this blog can be use full for you!

Before working with Learn, Law Society  NSW CPD relied on seven separate systems to collect and deliver CPD training. These systems were not robust enough to track and analyse progress, and they were difficult to use for e-learning. However, Hearsay The Legal Podcast has made the process easy and effective for both the organisation and its members.

CPD is a mandatory lawyer CPD Requirement in NSW. Lawyers must complete at least ten hours of approved CPD activities each year. CPD activities should extend their knowledge and skills and contribute to their professional development. Each CPD activity must be worth at least one point. Members of Law Society can keep track of their CPD activities online through LawInform.

Law Society of NSW is a preeminent professional law association representing more than 29,000 solicitors in New South Wales. Its statutory powers make it the regulator of legal practice in NSW. It also has a range of other responsibilities, such as regulating the conduct of business.

New changes to the CPD requirements for legal practitioners have made it easier to stay current with CPD requirements for lawyers. Previously, only a limited number of CPD units were permitted through non-interactive materials. Now, legal practitioners can meet their requirements by attending webinars or attending online presentations. These new online courses also include practice management and substantive law CPDs.

For lawyers in NSW, continuing professional development is mandatory. To meet this requirement, lawyers must take at least 10 hours of continuing education each year. This requirement is set out in MCLE Rule 42 of the Solicitor's Rules. It is also outlined in Regulation 176 of the Legal Profession Regulation 2005.

CPD is a great way for lawyers to learn more about the latest developments in their practice area. CPD is also a great opportunity for lawyers to broaden their skill set and advance their career goals. The Law Society of NSW has several courses available in various areas of law.

The deadline for submitting CPD in Queensland has been extended to 30 June 2020. The new CPD year begins on 1 April 2020. You can apply for an extension of the deadline by completing the application form. Further, the application for a deadline extension can be submitted online.