Get best advise on property settlement lawyers Adelaide with Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers

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After separation, the division of property is not always easy. Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers, property settlement is important and should be done while keeping all legal aspects in mind

Our property settlement lawyers Adelaide are confident dealing with all issues relating to divorce and separation. One of these issues we regularly advise on is a financial agreement. On the same premise, the court will take a range of factors into account to ensure the result is equitable. We are one of the best family law firms Adelaide that have the experience and qualifications to assist with financial agreements. Typically, we deal with what are known as pre-nuptial agreements. This is when de-facto or married couples have made joint financial investments before the relationship breakdown. We provide you with all the information and advice you need to prevent unforeseen surprises. Jordan Fowler Family Lawyers give you a strong platform to stand on, and we make sure all factors are acknowledged. 

Our property settlement lawyers will run you through the full asset division process. To provide you with a little insight as to how this works, we’ll list a few of the steps involved:

  • Evaluating the worth of all assets and debts.
  • Analyzing the financial contributions made by both parties.
  • Analyzing indirect financial contributions from both parties (such as inheritance and gifts).
  • Analyzing the non-financial contributions such as home maintenance and caretaking.
  • Evaluating the circumstances of each individual to ensure the division is fair, and just (this might include earning capacity, children, health, and age).

To make sure everything is accounted for, you need a reliable and professional advisor who is willing to go above and beyond for your financial security