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Your place to go for Diablo tales, once you enter to Diablo IV Gold the Silent Monastery, you'll revisit the story of the Zakarum crusades in the lands of Ivgorod. The newest dungeon arrival in Diablo Immortal, Silent Monastery, sets the nightmare tone by descending into darkness that blankets the peaks of Mount Zavail to Sentinel's Watch with a dark mist. The most violent demons can be found in the mist, waiting to devour the souls of innocents who have encroached upon these lands, so it's your job to stop the soul-destroying demons that lurk behind the corners.
To access Silent Monastery, you must be level 60+ and form a party with 2-4 players. Notethat the dungeon contains an unlit interior, which makes it difficult to determine the direction you're heading and what's going on; to navigate the darkness, you'll need to light the way by interfacing with temple statues.
It's no secret that new player count has been falling since the launch, and as a result it's becoming more difficult to fill Warbands to access all of the content. A lot of players have expressed displeasure with the dependency of filling up Warbands slots to handle the limited content. The new update addresses some of these concerns, so we've provided a brief overview of the revamped system.
Warbands now come with brand new exploration experiences. Two game modes that can be replayed and added bonuses that can be earned passively by upgrading and protecting the castle. Anyone who wants to take part in the game are required to go through the entire quest, at least level 20 before they Diablo 4 buy Gold  can join a Warband. Talk to Valstus at Westmarch to begin the questline.
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