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True Power Group, renowned for India's No.1 Chemical Earthing & Lightning Arresters with a total of 8 different verticals under their Flagship, is available across PAN India at its more than 10,000 distributors in 32 major Cities, Metros and States. These products are also available in selected countries like Abu Dhabi, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Close to 15 more countries are in talks to join the league. 

From Chemical Earthing to Lightning Arresters, Solar Panels to Hot Dip Galvanized Module Mounting Structures, Transformers to Wires & Cables, and Home Appliances including Fans, Geysers, and Iron. 

True Power has its own 3 State-of-the-art Manufacturing setups equipped with the latest high-precision modern machines, quality labs, testing bench, and latest gadgets and instruments to conduct stringent quality inspections and test several times during production before submission of the product for the final inspection.

With 1,000+ on-roll employees, including industry experts, qualified engineers, and a trained and technically skilled after-sales team today, True Power has become the most relied name across every household and office.



True Power, growing at a neck-wreaking pace.
Here's a glimpse for our dear Clients, Associates, Prospects, and all those who are wishing to be part of our True Power family. We have fabulous manpower and manufacturing capacity to meet any commitment.
This March 1st Week, we manufactured astounding:

10,000+ Earthing Electrodes
10,000+ Earthing Pit Covers
25,000+ Earthing Back Fill Compounds
100+ Tons of Solar Structures
1 Lakh meters Cables
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