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Brady and the rest of the team did not be silent they  mut coins madden 23 scored two touchdowns in the second quarter, thanks to passing to Rob Gronkowski and Brandin Cooks. The Eagles offense struggled during the second quarter, but they were able to get an extra field goal to keep the score close to the halfway point.
The Patriots are often referred to as the team that makes halftime adjustments, however on this particular day, they were the Eagles who were able to shake things up. Infusing more pressure through Blitzes, they were able to achieve two sacks, in addition to forcing Brady into a rare fumble throw that resulted in an interception. 
The linebacker Chris Long broke through for one of the sacks, bringing back to his former teammates what it's like to let a great thing go. Foles converted the Brady mistake into a touchdown for Alshon Jeffrey, and then Longshot Eagles were in the lead in the final quarter.
The 4th quarter is the time of the NFL's largest game, it's Brady's time to shine. The soon-to-be MVP tossed another score towards Danny Amendola, to put the Patriots back in the lead. After the Patriots forced an Eagles punt in the first half, the Pats were well on getting a grind out-of-clock victory when fate changed in which Eagles Safety Malcom Jennings forced a strip fumble from New England quarterback Dion Lewis.
Utilizing the momentum, and momentum, the Eagles took off upfield, employing skillful management of clocks to position themselves to take on the Patriots with a stunning display. The clock ran out Foles cheap MUT 23 ltds sent a desperate ball to Jeffery and hoped that Jeffery would use his strength and size to knock down the ball, and bring Philadelphia's city Philadelphia in a frenzy. 

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