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All of the player must do is find Gertrude's lacking cat, Fluffs. All it requires is a bucket of milk and a few doogle leaves (RuneScape's equivalent of catnip), after which the player must head off to the Lumber backyard to find Fluffs. After a few kerfuffle, the player can go back to Gertrude and reunite her with her cherished feline friend. This quest will praise the player with a kitten and the ability to elevate cats! What might be better?
7 One Piercing observe
RuneScape has breached many milestones and blossomed into a thriving mmo this is nonetheless applicable nowa days, continuously preserving gamers engaged. One Piercing be aware become a milestone in the way it was the first quest to be fully voiced, paving the way for lots quests that observed.
This simple loose-to-play quest features a homicide thriller, because the participant need to discover the killer lurking in the depths of the Abbey of Saint Elspeth in Al Kharid. This quest features an atmospheric soundtrack of unlockable song and exciting cutscenes to hold players on the brink in their seats as they resolve this crime.
6 guard Of Arrav
Varrock is a hub for plenty new adventurers and domestic to RuneScape staples like the Grand alternate, in which gamers can exchange objects. Varrock additionally capabilities a multitude of beginner-friendly quests, together with the protect of Arrav. The participant is tasked with improving a mythical defend, which became cut up in 1/2 and stolen by using  organized crime syndicates in the metropolis. The player need to be part of those  gangs and repair the guard to its former glory.
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