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Cyber security is the process of safeguarding the digital devices from malware attacks and viruses. This is subfield of it sector. It is also given the name of information technology security. Cyber security is the required field as the online scams and frauds are increasing day by day. Nowadays, people give priority to their privacy and security. Cyber security is a fully digital field. It’s completely different from antivirus programs. Each and every company has a cyber-security expert who can keep the private data locked and secure. The increasing cybercrime leads to more need of cyber security experts. They can also detect virus and spam websites very quickly by using some of the features of ethical hacking. This field can be broken down into multiple sections. The organisation need to work Simultaneously and coordinate at every step. Cyber security works on various factors like network security, app security etc. Cybersecurity is the most developing field. Cyber security fields needs to get updated regularly.
Cyber security are the ones who can easily control and maintain your data privately and safely. They do the same work using the same tools as the hackers. Hackers perform hacking for attacking into other people data and gain their personal information. Whereas cybersecurity experts do the same for maintaining privacy and security.  Moving further, All the it fields need cyber security. No matter it is working at which stage. The person who is working in cyber security need to be updated about all the new updates in all the fields. It department has various fields like iCloud services google services etc. the worker needs to be familiar with all the works about all the fields in it sector. Knowledge about all the fields gives better job security as you keep getting the knowledge about different new technologies