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Information technology which is also known as IT sector. It sector is the most growing sector nowadays. Parents want their children to pursue their future studies in the it field. IT field is related to computers. The people who have a job related to computer is known as an IT worker. It means to work on and deal with communication, repair etc. of computer system. These people are said to be very knowledgeable. This fields requires your science background. This field contain many sub fields. Some of the main fields of information technology are-:


  1. Software development’

Software development means a set of computer science activities which creates and involves process of creating, designing and supporting software. It is primarily conducted by software developers. some Programmers also do software development. This interact and overlap with the dynamics among the different variety across development department and communities.





  1. System software.

It provides basic function like operating, management of disk, hardware management, utilities, and other operational necessities.

  1. Programming software

It helps programmers with the tools such as text editors, compilers, linkers, debuggers and many other tools which will further help to create code.


  1. Application software.

This helps the users to perform tasks. It controls not only the computes but also the machines which can be connected to it. These days’ software’s are being widely used. This is also given the name internet of things.



  1. Computer architecture

It is the work of organisation of the components which are used in making computer systems. It is also be considered as an guide. It basically defines the ma of the machine parts. All the computer are made based on a plan and set of rules.