Embark on a whimsical adventure in Genshin Impact's newly added Chenyu Vale region with the "Silently the Butterfly Crosses the Valley" quest. This delightful quest will have you chasing butterflies and collecting them in a medicine jar as you explore the picturesque Chenyu Vale.

Guide for "Silently the Butterfly Crosses the Valley" Quest:

  • To begin this enchanting quest, make your way to the Lingshu Courtyard in Yaodie Valley. No prerequisite quests are needed to access this delightful adventure.
  • Once you arrive at the Lingshu Courtyard, you'll trigger the "Silently the Butterfly Crosses the Valley" quest, setting off on a journey filled with butterfly chasing and exploration.
  • Your objective is to chase and capture butterflies, gathering them in a medicine jar as you explore the stunning landscapes of Chenyu Vale.
  • Navigate through the valley with the help of this guide, and make the most of the rewards that await you upon completing the "Silently the Butterfly Crosses the Valley" quest in Genshin Impact version 4.4.To initiate the quest, make your way to the Lingshu Courtyard, situated near the Adeptus's Repose in Yaodie Valley. Here, adventurers will come across the Sacred Simulacrum, a stone statue that prompts them to pursue five butterflies into a medicine jar. Embrace this challenge and set forth on an expedition to unravel the enigmas of the valley.

Chasing the Butterflies:

  • Butterfly #1: Encountered in a small cave to the south of the Sacred Simulacrum, this butterfly is ensnared inside a colossal cauldron. Solve the puzzle by manipulating cauldrons and barriers to release the butterfly.
  • Butterfly #2: Found near a cluster of purple butterflies, adventurers must partake in a butterfly-catching mini-game. Capture the dispersed butterflies to unveil the path to liberation.
  • Butterfly #3: Locate this butterfly close to a Sacred Simulacrum pedestal. Solve the puzzle by positioning the statue on the pedestal and ascending the stalagmite to free the butterfly from its painted captivity.
  • Butterfly #4: Journey north to confront a chamber obstructed by a spider web. Overcome adversaries and eliminate hindrances to emancipate the trapped butterfly.To complete the "Silently the Butterfly Crosses the Valley" quest, you need to chase five butterflies into the medicine jar. Once you have successfully captured all five butterflies, return to the sacred simulacrum to witness the ritual that restores balance to the valley.

After completing the butterfly chase, investigate the ancient tree and obtain the ancient tree branch. This will unlock the hidden vault within Adeptus's Repose. Delve into the depths of the vault, claim your rewards, and uncover the concealed secrets hidden within.

Additionally, you will encounter a time trial challenge near a waterfall to access the final butterfly. Overcome the trial's obstacles to reach the butterfly's location.

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