It won’t be over saying if we say that .NET application development has ruled the software application development industry from past many years and it will continue to rule the application development world even in the future.

.NET, one of the most successful products from Microsoft, brings tons of benefits and features that help developers create applications irrespective of their complexity and size, and this is the reason why enterprises and organizations of different shapes and sizes are preferring Microsoft .NET development over the rest of the programming languages like Java. .NET has a strong resemblance with Java, but it is quite popular among the developers as well as the users.

In this article, we’re going to see a few of the obvious reasons why Microsoft .NET application development is going to rule the world. Here’re the few points that will showcase the reasons:

The strong market presence of the Microsoft will benefit

If you look around, you will find that it won’t be possible to see any software product that is not associated with Microsoft. Microsoft has some of the most popular products like SQL Server, a game console in XBox, Handhelds that runs PocketPC, server and desktop operating system, a software library that includes business workhorses such as the Office suite, and CRM solutions and more.

With .NET, Microsoft brings ultimate software and hardware unification platform. Once all the Microsoft products will be compatible with the .NET framework, it would be a huge disadvantage for all the businesses who has overlooked the importance of Microsoft .NET development. Moreover, .NET will also rule on the non-Microsoft products with the help of Shared Source CLI. So, it is quite clear that the strong market presence of the Microsoft is surely going to help .NET to become a leader in the near future.

Streamlined and standardized CLR (Common Language Runtime) with the help ECMA

Although it is an internal functionality, it is definitely going to leave a lot space for standardization due to international negotiating process among the interested parties. This means that organizations apart from Microsoft have the ability to guide the base .NET standard, which is something important to the organizations like IBM who would always look for standardized infrastructure over the competitors.

Moreover, there are plenty of financial benefits to the small core standard. Organizations are free to create classes they feel best fit to their products or services without any constraints. It would create product differentiation potential, which is a reason why organization will favor .NET.

Powerful development tools

Microsoft .NET development also leverage from the powerful and out-of-the-box development tools, and Visual Studio lies in the heart of the .NET development. It has contributed a lot to the success of the .NET application development. Visual Studio’s recent success ensures that .NET is going to be considered for any kind of development in the near future.

Microsoft still generates hefty revenues from .NET

This is one of the biggest benefits of .NET as compared to the Java. While Sun generates a little revenue from Java even though it is quite popular among the developers and enterprises for robust solutions, Microsoft generates hefty revenues from the .NET.

From the above reasons, it is clear that .NET is going to rule the world in the near future. What’s your take on this? Share your views in the comments…!

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