We take pride in our ability to create a look that is both elegant and timeless, while still reflecting your individual style. From the initial consultation to the final touch-ups, IMB Pro Makeup ensures that every detail is taken care of, so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

Imb Pro Makeup takes pride in creating perfect bridal looks that both compliments and highlights your natural beauty. Conveniently located in Lucknow, our team of professional makeup artists are superbly skilled and trained to deliver a bridal look that will leave everyone in awe. 

In the hands of our makeup artists, you will feel beautiful, confident and totally ready for your big day. Let Imb Pro Makeup be part of your wedding journey, creating the look that you've always dreamed of.

For the perfect bridal makeup in Lucknow, trust IMB Pro Makeup. Our team of skilled and experienced makeup artists are committed to providing an exceptional beauty experience that is tailored to your specific needs. 

Choose IMB Pro Makeup for your bridal makeup needs in Lucknow and stun everyone with your beauty and confidence.

Putting friends first

Since you are a wedding vendor, you are always considering scheduling, remaining on schedule, and ensuring that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Starting right away is quite easy. But first, say hello, and then get to work. Before setting up your makeup and tools, pause for a second. Give the bride a hug, set the bag down, and ask how she is feeling. Be there for her, even for five minutes. It can be simple to lose sight of the human element when working, but entering as a real person rather than a robot applying makeup will provide a great first impression.

Everyone is comforted by this.

Inquiries like "Are you sitting comfortably?" and "Do you need a drink?" are excellent ways to provide a customer with superior service. Makeup Artist in Lucknow. By making small adjustments, you can reduce your stress. Bridesmaids can be highly picky, especially since they typically didn't have trials and occasionally didn't get to decide whether or not they wanted a makeup artist. Involve them, respect their thoughts, and ask them about their favourite and least favourite makeup so that you can plan what to do and what not to do during the specified time. If you regard other people and their viewpoints, you'll be well-remembered and hopefully recommended by them!

Turn into an expert.

Be mindful of the fact that you are the authority and possess extensive experience. It is completely OK for you to kindly advise a picky bridesmaid or mother of the bride. Professional bridal makeup artist in Lucknow. If you use the correct words and stay upbeat throughout, you can alter the course of an event and make the other party feel great and involved. If you are well-prepared, present your tools expertly, and dress professionally, you will be respected and your views and opinions will be treated as such.

Include them in your skincare routine.

Everybody applies makeup differently and has a few little habits. Some of us wish to have a distinctive eyeliner flick or a modest beauty spot on our faces. On the day of the trial, don't forget to add these and keep them in mind. Tell the bride, "I'm just making sure you have your signature mascara on your lower lashes." Keep in mind from the trial that the bride LOVES mascara on her bottom lashes. Because you remembered and because she is wearing her security blanket, she will feel wonderful about this.


After getting paid, don't let the wedding day be the last time you speak to anyone or go missing. Contact the crew again, find out how their day went, and express your appreciation for their hard work. To create a long-lasting connection, try to connect on Instagram! Meeting friends along the way makes it easier to request things like reviews and photographs because our profession is one that relies on connections.


At Imb Pro Makeup, we believe in the power of makeup to transform and empower. Our collection, known for its commitment to Bridal Makeup in Lucknow, is meticulously curated to cater to the dynamic beauty needs of all would-be brides. Our luxurious and high-quality products assure a remarkable bridal beauty experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Transform your beauty regime with Imb Pro Makeup. Offering exceptional Nail Extension in Lucknow, we ensure our clients receive the best treatment from our dedicated team of experts.

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