WhatsApp GB, also known as GBWhatsApp, is a modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. It offers several additional features and customization options compared to the official WhatsApp. Please note that the use of WhatsApp GB may violate WhatsApp's terms of service, and it is not endorsed by WhatsApp. Here are some of the features commonly associated with WhatsApp GB:
Custom Themes: WhatsApp GB allows users to apply custom themes to change the overall look and feel of the app. Users can choose from a wide range of themes or even create their own.
Privacy Features: WhatsApp GB offers enhanced privacy options, such as the ability to hide your online status, blue ticks, second ticks, and typing status. You can also hide your view status in stories, among other privacy settings.
Message Scheduling: Users can schedule messages to be sent at a specific time and date, which can be useful for sending birthday wishes or important reminders.
Anti-Revoke: This feature prevents senders from deleting messages they have sent, so you can still see deleted messages.
Customization: WhatsApp GB allows extensive customization of the user interface, including font styles, sizes, and colors, as well as chat backgrounds.
Media Sharing: It supports larger file sizes for media sharing, allowing users to send larger videos, audio files, and documents compared to the official WhatsApp.
Increased Character Limit: WhatsApp GB has an increased character limit for status updates, allowing for longer text or more detailed status messages.
In-Built App Lock: Users can set a password or PIN to lock the WhatsApp GB app for added security.
Multiple Accounts: WhatsApp GB allows users to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device, making it convenient for those with dual SIM phones.
Auto-Reply: You can set up automatic replies for incoming messages, useful for when you're busy or on vacation.
Message Recall: This feature lets you recall or delete sent messages from both your and the recipient's chat, even after they have read the message.
Anti-Ban: Some versions of WhatsApp GB claim to have anti-ban features to prevent users from being banned by WhatsApp for using third-party apps.
Here is the latest version of gb whatsapp

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