VoldemartLive quickly ran offscreen on buy OSRS gold the equal time as his spouse sat in seeming marvel, protective her mouth in conjunction with her hand. The streamer then came once more onscreen and began out smashing his controller on a chair, on the identical time as his more youthful son watched in confusion.
His wife then protected the kid’s face and moved quick out of the room. Human beings who have taken into consideration the incident with VoldemartLive are of  minds. A few recall that the disagreement turned into actual, but a majority appear to experience that it emerge as staged. 
The primary argument given through folks who think VoldemartLive’s in-recreation gold loss became real is that his younger baby became sitting in close to proximity and could have been startled with the resource of the yelling or damage even as the streamer started out out smashing his controller. 
The individual that killed VoldemartLive is also stated to be a part of a group that has published films of themselves tenting the Duel location spawn vicinity and killing game enthusiasts for billions of gold.
However, the ones glad that the incident changed into faked issue out that having his partner and little one close by could lend credibility to a staged PvP loss of life in an effort to cover up real-global buying and selling. Different factors of the video lean in the direction of this element of the argument. 
First, VoldemartLive even entering into the Duel area with that quantity of gold is suspect, because it seems dubious that any person would risk dropping gadgets with RS gold so much real-global rate. Second, the streamer died almost right away with none actual try and defend himself. 
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