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It's essential to keep up with the most recent trends in the always changing world of makeup if you want to preserve a youthful and alluring appearance. As 2023 approaches, a myriad of avant-garde and audacious makeup trends start to surface, promising to take your beauty routine to new heights. This article will discuss the top eight makeup trends that you must adopt to create a truly stunning appearance, from mesmerising eyeshadow palettes to immaculate skincare regimens. 

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First, The Glitterati Glow

Enjoy the Glitterati trend's alluring and otherworldly glow. Apply shimmering highlighters sparingly on your skin to give it a radiant glow that is perfect for extraordinary occasions or anytime you want to fascinate.

Enjoy the Glitterati trend's alluring and otherworldly glow. Apply shimmering highlighters sparingly on your skin to give it a radiant glow that is perfect for extraordinary occasions or anytime you want to fascinate.

1. To create a luminous base that will serve as the basis for your radiance, start by using a radiant primer.

2. After that, apply a thin layer of liquid or cream highlighter to your face's highest points to draw attention to and bring out the brilliance of your natural features.

3. Lastly, use a small amount of glittering highlighter to add a dash of magic to your overall appearance and create an ethereal shine that will have people in awe.

By following these easy instructions, you will effortlessly exude the Glitterati Glow and become the centre of attention at any event.

Colour-Pop Eyelids

Make a stunning and self-assured statement by embracing the power of vivid colours on your eyelids. Electric blue, fiery red, and vibrant green color-pop eyeshadows are currently dominating the beauty industry. Along with letting you express your creativity, this trend also gives off a confident vibe.

To master this trend with ease, do the following:

  • Applying an eyeshadow primer will increase colour intensity.
  • Apply your selected colourful eyeshadow on your lids with a thickly packed brush.
  • Carefully combine the edges for a smooth transition.

You may easily embrace the color-pop eyelid trend and make a lasting impact by adhering to these straightforward yet efficient procedures.

Eyeliner Graphic Art

Eyeliner designs that are intriguing and graphic will take you on a trip of artistic expression. To get an edgy and avant-garde aesthetic that is ideal for those with a passion for fashion, embrace the fascination of geometric lines, negative space, and bold shapes.

Observe these actions to master this fad and make an impact that will last:

1. To ensure flawless precision, choose a liquid eyeliner with a high pigment content.

2. Allowing your creativity to run wild, start by carefully sketching your desired graphic design into your eyelids.

3. Fill in the eye-catching shapes and lines with confident assurance using slow, deliberate strokes to bring your vision to life.

Embracing the world of graphic eyeliner art will help you stand out from the crowd and attract attention.

Glossy Lips Rule

Say goodbye to matte lips as glossy lips take centre stage. Glossy finishes are now again popular because they give your lips a youthful, plump appearance that serves as the centrepiece of your cosmetic look.

Follow these tips to get the ideal glossy pout:

1. Exfoliate your lips to improve their texture for a base that is faultless.

2. Use a moisturising lip balm to moisturise and hydrate your lips.

3. Add a glossy lip gloss for a luxurious and alluring finish.

The Magic of Monochromy

With the alluring monochrome trend, simplify your makeup routine. This flexible approach comprises using a single colour for your eyes, lips, and cheeks to create a unified and naturally gorgeous image.

To perfect the monochromatic look, take the following actions:

1. Choose a colour that enhances your natural beauty by properly balancing your own skin tone.

2. To streamline your makeup collection and save you valuable time, choose a product that can be used on your lips, cheeks, and eyes.

3. Skillfully layer the product and mix it into your skin to produce a perfect and alluring monochromatic appearance.

The Elevated Cat Eye

With this fashion, the classic cat eye is given a modern update. By extending the line towards your brows, you can enhance your mastery of the winged eyeliner. Your eyes get a little drama and elegance from this long, bold style.

How to perfect the elevated cat eye

1. Start by applying eyeliner as usual, with precise wings.

2. Extend the line upward, towards your brows, for a striking appearance.

3. Fill in the gap between the expanded line and your lash line to create a smooth finish.

You can effortlessly create the elevated cat eye by following these instructions, taking your makeup skills to a whole new level of sophistication.

Glassy Skin with Dew

You're about to experience skin that looks as bright and clear as glass. Having perfect, dewy skin that radiates health and vigour is the goal of the glass skin movement.

Follow these instructions to get dewy glass skin:

1. Get started with a moisturising skincare routine that puts moisture first.

2. To get a finish that seems natural, apply a radiant foundation with care.

3. Make the natural brilliance of your skin stand out by using a liquid highlighter.

The key to obtaining a captivating glass skin impression that will make you feel and look your best can be found in following these instructions.

Eyelashes in Different Colours

By adding a pop of colour to your bottom lashes, you can grab everyone's attention. You may add a playful and seductive element to your cosmetic look by applying coloured mascaras and eyeliners on your lower lash line.

Utilise the tips below to make your lower lashes stand out:

1. Select an eyeliner or mascara colour that is vivid and goes well with your overall appearance.

2. Using careful, even application, apply the product of choice along your lower lash line.

3. To achieve harmony and balance in your appearance as a whole, keep your top lash line neutral.

This method will help you easily step up your makeup game and get a stunning, fun-yet-sophisticated look.

Must Try These Makeup Trends For A Stunning Look

Are you ready for a transformation? Here are some makeup trendsetters you must give a shot:

Neutral Eyeshadow: This natural look is a must-have for every makeup lover as it complements every outfit and occasion.

Bold Eyeliner: Be it a cat-eye or a smudged look, bold eyeliners have been making a massive comeback.

Glossy Lips: Move over matte finishes. It’s time for glossy lips to shine.

Cheek Contouring: redefine your facial structure with this trend for a more chiseled and defined look.

Sparkles and Glitters: Add some sparkle to every occasion with this trend that has caught the fashion world by storm.


Q. Can I follow these beauty trends on my own?

A. Without a doubt! To guarantee your success, we have provided step-by-step instructions for each trend.

Q. Where in Lucknow can I get the greatest bridal makeup artists?

A. A number of skilled bridal makeup artists may be found in Lucknow. For experienced services, look into the city's well-known salons and makeup studios.

Q. Are monochrome outfits OK for daily wear?

A.  Monochromatic outfits are highly adaptable and may be made for both casual wear and formal occasions.

Q. What's the secret to achieving the glossy lips trend?

A. A high-shine lip gloss should be applied after exfoliating and hydrating your lips for the best results.

Q. How can I keep my thick brows from appearing unnatural?

A. Use soft, feathery strokes and a brow cream that matches the colour of your hair to keep your bold brows looking natural.

Q. The products suggested for these trends are available where, I wonder?

A. Reputable beauty stores and online vendors carry the goods. Remember to read reviews before making a purchase.


Remember that using makeup is all about expressing yourself, so don't be afraid to try new things and have fun. These trends have something for everyone, whether you're looking for the top makeup artist in Lucknow or just want to change up your everyday makeup regimen. So go ahead and enjoy the gorgeous transformation while embracing the most recent beauty craze.

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