Finding the appropriate house is a watershed event in our lives. Plenty of study and money go into finally calling a property 'home’. For many potential homeowners, the price tag of a house is one of the countless aspects that helps them make a buying decision. Besides, the carpet area of the living facility is another criterion. Many new homeowners consider a 2 BHK apartment in Kolkata ideal as their first house. Let's look at some of the perks that living in 2 BHK residential projects in New Town may bring.  


Attractive Location and Peaceful Views

Apartments in New Town are not only affordable but also peaceful. Away from the city's busy areas, New Town's planned layout offers a superb living experience. You may enjoy your morning cup of tea while admiring the breathtaking view from your New Town flat. The neighbourhood is well-known for its extensive greenery and well-kept communities. Occupants often enjoy the view of the city skyline from their apartment balconies. Apartments in New Town are certainly worth it just for the views.  


Affordability Factor

Pricing and value are always the most important considerations while looking for a property in Kolkata, New Town, or elsewhere. Even though property prices in Kolkata have been steadily increasing for over a decade, New Town offers enticing home-buying possibilities for the value-conscious buyer. Apartments in New Town, Kolkata, are far less costly than apartments in Kolkata's southern areas, despite their position on the city's outskirts. A 2 BHK flat is an appropriate investment for nuclear families and first-time purchasers.


Harmonious Connectivity

New Town's connectedness places it much higher on the list of preferred places to settle down. Residents of New Town take advantage of the city's seamless connectivity to all regions of the metropolis. The EM Bypass allows you to go from one city region to another in minutes. The route connects South Kolkata with the rest of the city. 


The recently opened East-West Metro also makes travelling to places like Esplanade, Sealdah, and Howrah easy and economical. Other common modes of transportation in the neighbourhood include taxis, e-rickshaws, and buses. Furthermore, the Biswa Bangla Sarani passes through the city, connecting New Town to Kolkata International Airport.


Architectural Design and Amenities 

The apartments in New Town have been designed to meet international living standards on a budget. The houses are intended to improve your quality of life and lifestyle. The open and flowing features of New Town's 2 BHK homes make them seem spacious and airy. These flats deliver exceptional living qualities, since they have enough natural light and fresh air.


All amenities and facilities are available nearby, which redefines convenience. Just like 3 BHK and 4 BHK homes have limitless access to all world-class facilities, inhabitants of 2 BHK flats in gated societies do the same.


Availability of Recreational Activities 

There are several recreational opportunities available to New Town residents. When spending quality time outside, homeowners have plenty of alternatives. Residential projects in New Town provide amenities like multi-cuisine restaurants, hotels, shopping centres & cafés, and parks. Thanks to the neighbouring City Centre II, Axis Mall, and DLF Galleria, you'll never run out of things to do. 


Proximity to Information Technology Hub

Salt Lake, Kolkata's IT powerhouse, is just a few kilometres from New Town. Commuting to work in the Salt Lake and New Town IT industries is more convenient and cost-effective. As a result, New Town is a great location for IT workers looking for a low-cost flat.


Benefits of Smart City

As Kolkata's fastest-growing modern tech-equipped area, New Town also has the advantage of being a smart city. Sensors powered by artificial intelligence (AI), wifi-enabled zones, and the usage of GIS technology enhance municipal administration, thereby enhancing residents' quality of life. 


PS One10 is a residential project located in New Town, Kolkata. The project is over 9 acres and comprises 10 towers with 20 storey. There are roughly 656 flats on offer. One10 is the fastest-selling 2 BHK flats in New Town Action Area I, Kolkata's first project featuring an Interest-based learning centre, particularly for resident children, ‘Homestations’ for your work-from-home and all other essentials within the residential area.


Kolkata's New Town houses provide a unique combination of nature and contemporary comforts. Because of the low cost of living and increased social infrastructure, you should not pass up on the luxury residential properties available here. If you are a first-time buyer, choosing projects from seasoned real estate developers is better. Renowned project builders such as PS Group provide inexpensive 2 BHK flats in New Town with world-class amenities that improve the quality of life.

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