This is one of the Eastern-Fantasy novels that I have when I was just started out. And so, it’s very close to my heart. Probably that is why I am trying to reach out to others through reviewing this novel. Though In the end it’s you whose going to make a judgment whether it suits your taste or not.


Overall, Fengling Tianxia author's protagonist has always been perceptible, together with intellect and yet a unique shrewdness that only gets you connected with them.


His methods rely upon a lot over the MC using mind and strategies games to conquer his enemies, and let me assure you it not that other characters are dumb it’s just that he actually is smarter in psychology.


The I am supreme starts off using a different feel compared to others. Not to mention that we are told to await the ‘real plot’ as mentioned by the author.


Up to now, it does feel just a bit different: that MC can be a much milder compared to the author's previous protagonists done by him.


Here, you’ll see MC with an awesome character because he is not above every other character but equal, if he were to be placed in a group of people, he wouldn’t be instantly their leader but a real game changer who is acknowledged by everyone.


This leaves me with fluttering heart since whilst the writer other MC's were believed to be somewhat smart, they're not to be stated "mastermind" yet he has still a long way to go.


Therefore, I am eager to find how the author portray the MC’s level headed relation and interaction with other well-planned characters would go in upcoming chapters. Still waiting for more chapters to release ☹.


A wonderful fresh yet logical thing is that this MC is Truly self-less. Sure, in different words, we have many protagonist's prepared to give-up their spoils. However, that really is below the state that they no longer desire those treasures (only if the guy have surplus), or realizing it is going to bring him a form of benefit in the long run. I believe they are not really a worthy form of friendship or ally.


On the contrary, we have a protagonist who just gives-up any form of treasure (even if the treasure is valuable to him) to support his clan members or his friends and ally.


I'm advocating this due to the quality of this writer/author's other works, and thus far, this novel I am Supreme proves my point that he still has his groves stapled on this Internet book.


But still even if the plot is well-planned or characters are great and instantly merged with the story. We still have to look out for world building and again the story’s starting point going to be lot different from his other novels.


The setting is underdeveloped as we don’t get to see many important characters right off the bat even if the story is there. So, it’s a little off-putting but as the story progress picks the pace, we got see the immersion of ourselves into the story and it slowly unveils the ‘real-plot.’


Little at a time the information shows, and much more will definitely come. This consists of his' brothers, death which we have been taking flashbacks along with stories.


It will take longer to get connected to each figures (characters) as we feel as if we're catching-up to them (as well as the storyline) instead of walking with them. It gets a lot exciting with integration of imagination.


However, in 'I am supreme,' the MC has a great deal characterization helps him well-incorporated in the universe of this novel. It has completely different pacing than the other works of this particular writer.


The narrative/story isn't dreadful. It does not go with usual annoying cliché but with more impactful backstories.


After going here and there, reading some reviews I’ve come to know that most people contradicting their own opinions, like they want something different from the writer but they also don’t want completely different work from the writers.


Of course, personality making time is less, however, it's a storyline that has more powerful background which I personally like about it.


And I’ll be honest here, this novel could not compare to author’s other works but hey, who wants to read only the best, we all know that gems are only found in pile of unpolished stones and I am not exactly comparing it to gem but all I’m saying is that it’s not a horrible story.



Would definitely recommend for those who just started dabbling in Eastern-Fantasy novels.

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