About Us

What is Ekonty?

Ekonty is an international ultimate Social Networking website that allows people to interact with each other through live chatting, free Audio and Video Calling, sending messages, Comments, like, Share photos, life events and so much more.

Ekonty shares its profit of its advertising revenues with members/users. You will get paid through affiliate programme on Ekonty either you like a post or you introduce someone to join the platform’s system gives $0.02 automatically.

Registered Members
Features Available
  • Amazing Ekonty Wallet

    Users can load & transfer money to other Ekonty users worldwide within seconds for free

  • Free Advertising

    Businesses can free and paid ads to advertise their products and services across the globe


    Ekonty is the only Platform that allows Users to have 8,000 followers. An amazing feature that allows marketers to reach more people easily and increases marketing engagements.

  • Social Videos Support

    User can easily share videos from the biggest videos sharing websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, Facebook videos & Soundcloud music

  • Free Voice and Video Calls

    High-quality free calls to anywhere in the world. You could have either video call or text chat at anytime and anywhere for FREE!

  • User Privacy

    Control who can message you, post on your timeline, follow you, confirm follow requests or not, last seen, etc.

  • Instant Messages (IM)

    Real-time live chat system, (online, offline) status.

  • Pages

    User can create unlimited pages and invite his friends to like the pages.

  • Social Login

    Support login with your Facebook, Google and Twitter. Reduce the registration troubles and save a lot of Audio and video chat times.

  • Groups, Pages & Events

    Create and manage unlimited Groups, Pages, and live Events all in one link

  • Find Friends Nearby

    Users are able to find and follow friends near by using latitude, longitude & GPS technology. ★ Activities: Displays user’s latest activities (likes, shares, comments, wonders)