Arduino PLC | MQTT End Device | Industrial IoT device manufacturer |
How Programmable IoT Devices Operate Having access to the most dependable and effective hardware speeds up the completion of your project. The ability to programme flexibly. ESP32 Ethernet...
Industrial IoT Devices | Programmable Ethernet IoT Device | Industrial ESP32 | NORVI
Ready for the Future - NORVI IIOT Programmable IoT Devices - Our Arduino based PLC    s make it easy to automate processes, connect sensors, and create sophisticated automation systems. Get the...
Analog Input | 0 - 10V ESP32 | 4 - 20mA ESP32 |
NORVI's Analog Input ESP32 is designed for industrial applications, allowing you to measure and monitor 0-10V or 4-20mA signals using an ESP32...
Industrial Data Logger with ESP32 | WiFi Data Logger |
ESP32 Data Logger - NORVI can build a WiFi Data Logger using SD card, Combining few libraries of Arduino you can access or view the Temperature &...
0 - 10V Arduino Device | 4 - 20mA Arduino Device |
Changing IOT One Device At A Time (4 - 20mA, 0 - 10V DC Analog inputs and Outputs). Programmable controllers with flexibility and open source...
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Everything You Need To Know About Cosmetic Injectable Courses

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Industrial IoT Device Manufacturer | Industrial IoT Devices
As a leading industrial IoT device manufacturer, NORVI Offers Industrial Controllers for IoT applications, ESP32 based Industrial Controllers,...
Programmable MQTT Devices | MQTT Over WIFI Devices |
MQTT over Ethernet devices - Norvi offers programmable MQTT devices that come with a variety of features that make them suitable for industrial...
Modbus to IoT Gateway | Modbus MQTT Gateway |
ModBus RTU ESP32 - MODBUS Communication on ESP32 NORVI IIOT via RS-485. ModBus RTU with ESP32 based industrial controller.
Battery Powered Programmable Sensor Node | Solar Powered Sensor Node
Solar Powered Sensor Node - Battery Powered IoT node with WiFi GSM LTE LoRa connectivity for industrial applications.
Wall Mount Sensor Node | Programmable Sensor Node |
Wall mount IoT node is designed for industrial applications and boasts a range of features including WiFi, GSM, LTE and LoRa connectivity.
Programmable MQTT Device | Modbus MQTT Device | ESP32 Modbus device
Modbus MQTT Device - NORVI Agent Industrial IoT Node. Ready to use IoT Node. Ready for industrial applications. WiFi LoRa NB-IoT.