Reverse Engineering in Patents

What is Reverse Engineering (RE)?

Reverse Engineering is a method by which an object is deconstructed for exploring its design, architecture, code and components. It is done to get the information about the components used in making the object. It can be applie...  more
Reverse Engineering | Copperpod IP
Copperpod IP's patent litigation consultants and technical experts identify key evidence for patent cases through source code review and reverse...

Patent Mining
What is Patent Portfolio Mining?

Patent Portfolio Mining is a process of extracting high value patents in a portfolio and exploring licensing opportunities. To mine the best patents in large portfolios, Copperpod uses 40+ parameters (such as USC 101 issues, potential infringers, forward and backward citations, age of patent and/or foreign applications) to rank patents according to quality and then i...  more
Portfolio Mining | Copperpod IP
Copperpod's patent consultants and technical experts identify patent monetization opportunities for top assets in a patent portfolio.

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What is a Prior Art Search?

An invention is eligible to receive a patent only if

It covers patentable subject matter

It is novel

It is not an obvious combination of pre-existing inventions

​A prior art search (also called a patent search) reveals whether (or which portions of) the invention is truly novel and truly non-obvious, in light of all published literature (including patents, technical papers, products, m...  more
Copperpod IP | Patent Litigation & Licensing
Copperpod provides intellectual property services such as technology research, prior art search, claim charts, source code review and analysis for...
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